lundi 7 juin 2010

Update on my progress

Hi all,
As you all know, i started working on implementing jingle and jingle file transfert in mcabber as modules.
You can find my work on github. The code is far from finished, but it should compile, if you want to test it.
The code is split into modules. A "main" jingle module that handles incoming iq, keep track of jingle sessions and modules that implement transport methods and apps.
So far, the main module reacts to incoming jingle messages, verify that they are correct, if so, pass them to a specific action handler, if not, handle the error.
I also started a file transfert module that will implement file transfert itself.

The next thing i plan to do is to implement jingle session management in the main module and also add a way for apps and transport module to register to it.

1 commentaire:

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