mercredi 28 juillet 2010

Update on my progress

Since my last post, i did some debugging using the Psi client and found several bugs.
I also added a /file command in the filetransfert module to initiate a file transfert.
I need to check if the client of the recipient support jingle using "Service Discovery" as described in XEP-0030, but mcabber does not implement this natively. I will probably have to use bear's disco module.

jeudi 15 juillet 2010

Updated timeline

I'm late on my schedule, so with my mentor (McKael) I planned a new timeline.

My project is divided in 3 principals parts : a module who care of jingle sessions, some others modules I call "applications" (my application is to do a File Transfer) and some others modules I call "transport" (for my part I want to do IBB and socks 5 if I get time).
So my new timeline is :
  • Until 23 July, finish the jingle module.
  • Until 30 July, finish application module.
  • Until the end (ca 9 August), finish the application(s) module(s).
I hope I can do it !

mardi 13 juillet 2010

This week I do much more on jingle sessions. I develop "session-initiate" for the most part. Now handle session-accept and session-reject. Not a lot to say ^^.

mardi 6 juillet 2010

One week before midterm...

One week before midterm, and I'm late on my schedule... But develop a jingle module is far more difficult than I excepted. The most difficult part is to conceive something which have modularity. This module must be able to do File Transfer. But must be generic too, generic for applications and for transports. So i find, it's a difficult task!

This week, I work on handles and sessions. Each session is saved and used by callback functions which are called when the module receive a jingle node. I developped the beginning of functions for sessions.