jeudi 19 août 2010

This is the end, Of our elaborate plans, the end...

Hi everyone !
As you all know, GSOC 2010 has ended. I'm proud to announce that file transfer is working.
The only finished transport module is In-Band Bytestreams, so speed is not optimal, but it's not a problem for small files. I started the SOCKS5 Bytestreams module, but it's a work in progress and is not usable yet.
I wrote a README file that contains all instructions to compile and use the module and started documenting the code, so you can generate the doc using doxygen.
You can still access the git repository here or download a tarball of the most recent revision at


jeudi 12 août 2010

A few days before end...

I don't know If I could finish this project, but I try \o/
This week I've "finish" the jingle part. Now I'm concentrating on the filetransfer module and ibb module.

mercredi 4 août 2010

Last week

It's the "last" week and I got problems. This week i start a disco module but mcabber got caps so it was useless, and I delete it ^^ I Continue to debug apps, and nothing more...